We look forward to the opportunity to participate in your medical care.

You will of course be required to provide any health insurance information/cards upon your arrival. And a valid picture ID is also important on your first visit.

We participate in the Medicare program; and also participate in a variety of other widely accepted insurance programs. Please be sure to verify with us when you schedule your first appointment that we are positioned to accept any third party insurance coverage you plan to use for your visit.

Prior to your visit you are responsible for obtaining any required authorization from your insurance carrier. You will also be expected to make any office visit co-payments at the time of your visit; and you may be asked to make any other co-payments for the services provided during your visit. Please be prepared with a valid form of payment, e.g. cash, personal check, debit/credit card. These responsibilities apply not only to your first visit, but also to any subsequent visit with one of our doctors. If you need assistance filing a medical claim our staff can help you.