The Columbus Eye Surgery Center

At The Pankratz Eye Institute, cataract removal, implantable contact lenses, removal of lid lesions, laser procedures, vitrectomies, and many other surgical procedures are performed at the Columbus Eye Surgery Center, conveniently located within our facility, directly across the hall from The Pankratz Eye Institute Clinic.

The Columbus Eye Surgery Center is a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center used exclusively for eye surgery, featuring a team of well qualified surgical professionals who specialize in advanced eye surgery. We offer the latest most advanced technology available for eye surgery, all housed in an attractive, comfortable, and relaxed environment.

The benefits of having surgery at the Columbus Eye Surgery Center are numerous. As a privately-owned facility, we function much more efficiently than a large hospital, and we pass the cost savings directly on to you. What’s more, you spend much less time in our facility on the day of your surgery than you would in a hospital setting.